5×8 Hydraulic Dump Trailer 24″ Sides 5,200lb Axle with Brake

Introducing the 5×8 Hydraulic Dump Trailer with 24″ Sides and a 5,200lb Axle with Brake. Designed for rugged durability and efficient performance, this trailer is perfect for hauling a variety of materials with ease. Here’s a closer look at its features and specifications:

Original price was: $4,499.00.Current price is: $4,450.00.


Product Description:

This hydraulic dump trailer is built to handle tough jobs with its sturdy construction and reliable hydraulic system. Whether you’re hauling debris, landscaping materials, or equipment, this trailer ensures efficient loading, transport, and unloading, thanks to its convenient hydraulic dumping mechanism.


  1. Greaseable 5,200lb Axle with Brakes: Designed for smooth and safe towing, this axle ensures stability and control even when carrying heavy loads. The brakes provide additional stopping power for enhanced safety.
  2. Powdercoated Exterior: The exterior is coated with a durable powder finish, offering protection against corrosion and ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.
  3. Barn Doors in the Rear: Easy access for loading and unloading, allowing for quick and efficient handling of cargo.
  4. Tongue Box with Battery and Pump: Includes a convenient storage box for housing the battery and hydraulic pump, keeping them protected and easily accessible.
  5. 24″ Sides: Provides added height for containing bulkier loads, preventing spillage during transport.
  6. LED Drive Lights: Ensures excellent visibility and safety, even in low-light conditions, enhancing overall road safety.
  7. 15″ Wheels and Tires: Designed to tackle various terrains while providing smooth and reliable performance.
  8. Diamond Plate Fenders: Offers extra protection and durability against debris and road hazards, ensuring the trailer remains in top condition.
  9. Includes Jack, Coupler, and Safety Chains: Complete with essential towing components for added convenience and safety during transport.


  • Axle Size: One – 5,200lb
  • Hitch Type: Bumper Pull
  • Floor Type: Steel
  • Trailer Interior Length: 8 ft
  • Trailer Interior Width: 5 ft
  • Wheel Size: 15”

Whether you’re a professional contractor, landscaper, or DIY enthusiast, the 5×8 Hydraulic Dump Trailer offers the durability, versatility, and convenience you need to tackle any hauling job with confidence. Trust in its robust construction and advanced features to get the job done efficiently every time.