6.4×12 Straight Deck Utility Trailer 6ft Ladder Racks (2) 3500lb Axles

The 6.4×12 Straight Deck Utility Trailer with 6ft Ladder Racks is a robust and versatile hauling solution designed to meet the demands of various transportation needs. Crafted with durable materials and thoughtful design, this trailer ensures reliable performance and safety for your cargo.




  1. 6ft Ladder Racks: Conveniently transport ladders and long items securely with two sturdy ladder racks, providing ample space for storage without compromising safety.
  2. (2) 3,500lb Greaseable Axles: Equipped with two high-capacity axles capable of bearing heavy loads, each axle is greaseable for smooth operation and longevity.
  3. C-Channel Tongue: The trailer features a rugged C-channel tongue for enhanced strength and stability, ensuring secure attachment to the towing vehicle.
  4. 15″ Steel Tires and Wheels: Designed to endure rugged terrain and long journeys, the trailer is equipped with durable 15″ steel tires and wheels for reliable performance.
  5. Fully Wired LED Lights: Integrated LED lights provide superior visibility and safety, ensuring that your trailer is easily visible to other drivers even in low-light conditions.
  6. Built-in Tie-Down Points: Strategically placed tie-down points allow for secure fastening of cargo, preventing shifting or damage during transit.
  7. Pressure-Treated Wood Flooring: The trailer boasts pressure-treated wood flooring, offering exceptional durability and resistance to weathering and wear.
  8. Heavy-Duty Diamond Plate Fenders: Enhanced with heavy-duty diamond plate fenders, the trailer provides added protection against debris and road hazards.
  9. Includes Jack, Coupler, and Safety Chains: Comes complete with a jack for easy hitching and unhitching, a coupler for secure attachment, and safety chains for added peace of mind during transportation.


  • Size: 6.4ft x 12ft
  • Deck Type: Straight Deck
  • Axles: (2) 3,500lb greaseable axles with brakes on the rear axle
  • Tire Size: 15″
  • Construction: C-Channel Tongue
  • Lights: Fully Wired LED Lights
  • Flooring: Pressure-Treated Wood
  • Fenders: Heavy-Duty Diamond Plate
  • Accessories: 6ft Ladder Racks, Jack, Coupler, Safety Chains

The 6.4×12 Straight Deck Utility Trailer with 6ft Ladder Racks is the ideal solution for hauling a variety of cargo safely and efficiently. Whether for personal or professional use, this trailer offers unmatched durability, versatility, and convenience for all your transportation needs.