6.4×14 Dovetail Utility Trailer Stacked Baskets (2) 3500lb Axles

Introducing the 6.4×14 Dovetail Utility Trailer with Stacked Baskets – your ultimate solution for versatile hauling needs. This rugged utility trailer is built to tackle a variety of tasks, from transporting equipment to handling bulk materials with ease. With its innovative design and robust features, it’s the perfect companion for your demanding projects.




  1. Dovetail Design: The dovetail construction allows for smooth loading and unloading of equipment, minimizing the risk of damage and providing added convenience.
  2. C-Channel Tongue: The sturdy C-channel tongue ensures stability and durability, providing a reliable connection between the trailer and your vehicle.
  3. Greaseable Axles: Equipped with two 3,500lb greaseable axles, this trailer offers exceptional load-bearing capacity and long-lasting performance, even under heavy use.
  4. Steel Wheels and Tires: The 15-inch steel wheels and tires provide reliable traction and durability, ensuring smooth and safe operation on various terrains.
  5. Fully Wired LED Lights: Enjoy enhanced visibility and safety on the road with fully wired LED drive lights, providing bright and efficient illumination in any condition.
  6. Reinforced Loading Ramp: The reinforced loading ramp offers added strength and stability, making it easy to load and unload equipment and materials.
  7. Pressure-Treated Wood Flooring: The pressure-treated wood flooring provides superior durability and resistance to weathering, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  8. Heavy-Duty Fenders: Built to withstand rough conditions, the heavy-duty fenders protect your trailer and cargo from debris and other hazards.
  9. Complete Package: This utility trailer comes complete with a jack, safety chains, and coupler for added convenience and peace of mind.
  10. Stackable Baskets: The trailer features two stackable baskets, providing additional storage space for smaller items while maximizing the utility of the trailer.


  • Overall Dimensions: 6.4 feet (width) x 14 feet (length)
  • Usable Deck Space: 11 feet 9 inches
  • Dovetail Length: 2 feet
  • Basket Length: 2 feet 5 inches
  • Individual Basket Dimensions: 80 inches (width) x 24 inches (height) x 29.5 inches (depth)
  • Overall Height: 50 inches

Whether you’re hauling equipment to the job site or transporting materials for your latest project, the 6.4×14 Dovetail Utility Trailer with Stacked Baskets is built to deliver unmatched performance and versatility. Invest in quality, invest in reliability – invest in this exceptional utility trailer today.