6.4×16 Dovetail Utility Trailer Stacked Baskets (2) 3500lb Axles

The 6.4×16 Dovetail Utility Trailer with Stacked Baskets is a versatile and rugged solution for transporting various loads with ease. Designed with functionality and durability in mind, this trailer features two stacked baskets, perfect for organizing and securing your cargo. With two 3,500lb greaseable axles and heavy-duty construction, it offers reliable performance for a range of hauling needs.




  1. Stacked Baskets: The trailer comes equipped with two stackable baskets, providing convenient storage and organization options for your cargo.
  2. 3,500lb Greaseable Axles: Built for strength and durability, the trailer features two 3,500lb axles, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy loads.
  3. Steel Wheels and Tires: Equipped with 15-inch steel wheels and tires, this trailer delivers stability and traction on various terrains.
  4. Fully Wired LED Lights: The trailer is equipped with fully wired LED lights, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime travels.
  5. Pressure-Treated Wood Flooring: The pressure-treated wood flooring offers a sturdy and reliable surface for hauling a variety of materials.
  6. Heavy-Duty Fenders: Built to withstand rugged conditions, the heavy-duty fenders provide protection and durability.
  7. Included Accessories: The trailer includes a jack, coupler, and safety chains, providing added convenience and security during operation.
  8. Breakdown of Space: With 11’9″ of usable deck space, a 2′ dovetail, and 2’5″ baskets, the trailer offers ample room for various types of cargo.
  9. Individual Basket Dimensions: Each basket measures 80″ in width, 24″ in height, and 29.5″ in depth, providing sufficient space for organizing and securing items.
  10. Overall Height: The trailer has an overall height of 50″, ensuring ample clearance and visibility while on the road.


  • Dimensions: 6.4×16 feet
  • Axles: (2) 3,500lb greaseable axles
  • Wheels and Tires: 15-inch steel wheels and tires
  • Lights: Fully wired LED drive lights
  • Flooring: Pressure-treated wood flooring
  • Fenders: Heavy-duty fenders
  • Included Accessories: Jack, coupler, safety chains
  • Space Breakdown: 11’9″ usable deck / 2′ dovetail / 2’5″ basket
  • Basket Dimensions: 80″ width x 24″ height x 29.5″ deep
  • Overall Height: 50″

The 6.4×16 Dovetail Utility Trailer with Stacked Baskets is an ideal choice for individuals or businesses requiring a reliable and versatile hauling solution. Whether you’re transporting equipment, supplies, or other materials, this trailer delivers exceptional performance and convenience.