6.4×20 Utility Trailer with Side Gate and 18″ Mesh (2) 3,500lb Axles

Introducing our 6.4×20 Utility Trailer, the ultimate solution for transporting heavy loads with ease and security. This robust trailer is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance functionality and durability, making it ideal for various hauling tasks. From construction materials to recreational equipment, this trailer ensures reliable performance every time you hit the road.




  1. Dovetail: Facilitates smooth loading and unloading of equipment, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring efficiency.
  2. 18″ Mesh sides: Provides added security for your cargo while allowing for ventilation and visibility during transport.
  3. (2) 3500lb Greaseable Axles with Rear Brake: Designed for heavy-duty use, these axles offer superior strength and stability, ensuring safe transportation of even the heaviest loads.
  4. Heavy-duty Side Gate: Enables easy access to the trailer bed and enhances versatility for loading and unloading operations.
  5. C-Channel Tongue: Offers enhanced structural integrity and stability, ensuring reliable performance under heavy loads and challenging conditions.
  6. 15” Wheels and Bias-ply Tires: Designed to withstand rugged terrain and heavy loads, providing excellent traction and durability for safe towing.
  7. Wired LED Drive Lights: Ensures optimal visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions, enhancing overall road safety.
  8. Baked-on Enamel Paint: Provides a durable and long-lasting finish, protecting the trailer from rust, corrosion, and other environmental factors.
  9. Reinforced Loading Ramp: Facilitates easy loading and unloading of equipment, ensuring smooth transitions without compromising safety.
  10. Pressure-treated Wood Flooring: Offers superior strength and durability, capable of withstanding heavy loads and harsh weather conditions.
  11. Spare Tire Holder: Provides convenient storage and accessibility for a spare tire, ensuring peace of mind during long hauls.
  12. Jack, Coupler, and Safety Chains Included: Complete with essential towing components for hassle-free setup and safe transportation.


  • Dimensions: 6.4 feet x 20 feet
  • Axle Capacity: (2) 3500lb
  • Side Gate Height: 18 inches
  • Wheel Size: 15 inches
  • Tire Type: Bias-ply
  • Finish: Baked-on enamel paint
  • Flooring Material: Pressure-treated wood
  • Additional Features: LED lights, reinforced loading ramp, spare tire holder, jack, coupler, safety chains

With its durable construction, versatile features, and reliable performance, our 6.4×20 Utility Trailer is the perfect choice for all your hauling needs. Whether you’re transporting equipment for work or gearing up for a weekend adventure, trust this trailer to get the job done safely and efficiently.