6′ X 14′ All aluminum Utility Trailer with 3500lb axle

Introducing the 6′ x 14′ All Aluminum Utility Trailer, a durable and reliable solution for your hauling needs. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this trailer offers exceptional strength without the worry of wood rot or rust. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, while its sleek design adds a touch of modernity to your towing setup.




  1. All Aluminum Construction: Enjoy the benefits of a trailer that won’t succumb to rot or rust, thanks to its all-aluminum design.
  2. DOT Lighting: Meet trailer standards with confidence, featuring enclosed LED lighting for enhanced visibility and safety on the road.
  3. Durable Tires: Equipped with 6-ply, C-rated tires and 14″ wheels, providing reliable performance for your hauling tasks. Additionally, these tires come with a road hazard warranty for added peace of mind.
  4. Easy Loading and Unloading: The 36” gate includes a lawn mower edge, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of your cargo.
  5. Sturdy Axle: Boasting a 4” 3500 lb drop axle with greaseable hubs, this trailer ensures stability and durability during transportation.
  6. Convenient Jack: The 1500 lb jack features an 8” wheel that can be positioned out of the way when not in use, offering convenience and versatility.
  7. Manufacturer Warranty: Enjoy a 2-year warranty on both material and workmanship, providing assurance of quality and reliability.
  8. Aluminum Frame: The frame is constructed from durable aluminum extrusions, offering strength and resilience while keeping weight to a minimum.
  9. Neat Wiring: All wires are enclosed and neatly grouped together, ensuring a tidy and organized setup.


  • Axle Size: One – 3,500 lb
  • Hitch Type: Bumper Pull
  • Floor Type: Aluminum
  • Trailer Interior Length: 14 ft
  • Wheel Size: 14”
  • Trailer Interior Width: 6′ 4”
  • Frame Type: Aluminum Extrusions
  • Tongue Box: No