DK2 MMT4X6OG Open Rail Galvanized Utility Trailer

The DK2 MMT4X6OG Open Rail Galvanized Utility Trailer is a reliable and versatile solution for a variety of hauling tasks. With its sturdy construction and innovative design, this trailer is engineered to handle your hauling needs with ease. Whether you need to transport equipment, materials, or other items, this trailer provides exceptional balance and mobility without sacrificing payload capacity.




  • 100% Welded tubular steel construction ensures durability and strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty hauling tasks.
  • Expanded steel decks provide a sturdy platform for securing cargo and ensure longevity.
  • Open side rail design allows for easy loading and unloading of items, making it convenient for various hauling needs.
  • The back gate can be positioned flat in the bed, upright, or used as a ramp for effortless loading and unloading.
  • LED trailer lights offer enhanced visibility and safety during travel, ensuring you remain visible to other drivers on the road.


  • Manufacturer: DK2
  • Model Number: MMT4X6OG
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): 1,600lb
  • Payload Capacity: 1,295lb
  • Curb Weight: 305lb
  • Axle Size: One – 1,600lb
  • Hitch Type: Bumper Pull
  • Floor Type: Galvanized Steel
  • Trailer Interior Length: 6 ft
  • Trailer Interior Width: 4 ft
  • Wheel Size: 12”
  • Frame Type: Tube Steel
  • Tongue box: No
  • Shipping Options: Standard Delivery

The DK2 MMT4X6OG Open Rail Galvanized Utility Trailer is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile hauling option. Whether you’re towing it behind a car, truck, or SUV, this trailer is designed to handle your hauling tasks with ease and efficiency.