7×14 Utility Trailer with Side Gate and Dbl Brake (2) 3,500lb Axle

Introducing our 7×14 Utility Trailer, a versatile and robust solution for your hauling needs. With a thoughtful design and sturdy construction, this trailer is equipped with features to ensure safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. Whether you’re moving equipment, supplies, or recreational gear, this trailer offers the reliability and convenience you demand.




  1. Dovetail: The dovetail design facilitates smooth loading and unloading, minimizing the risk of damage to your cargo.
  2. Dual Axles with Brakes: Two greaseable 3,500lb axles with brakes on both ensure stability and control, even when carrying heavy loads or traversing challenging terrain.
  3. C-Channel Tongue: The sturdy C-channel tongue provides structural integrity and durability, enhancing the trailer’s overall strength.
  4. New Steel Wheels and Tires: Equipped with 15″ steel wheels and new tires, this trailer offers dependable performance and longevity.
  5. Fully Wired with LED Lights: The trailer comes fully wired with LED drive lights, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime travels.
  6. Pressure-Treated Wood Flooring: The pressure-treated wood flooring offers durability and weather resistance, ideal for withstanding the rigors of frequent use.
  7. Built-In Tie-Down Points: Integrated tie-down points provide convenient anchoring options for securing your cargo safely in place.
  8. Reinforced Loading Ramps: The loading ramps are reinforced to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable support during loading and unloading.
  9. Spare Tire Mount: A spare tire mount is included for added convenience and peace of mind during long journeys.
  10. Side Gate: The trailer features a 42″ tall by 60″ wide side gate, facilitating easy access and loading of oversized items or equipment.
  11. Includes Jack, Coupler, and Safety Chains: The trailer comes complete with a jack, coupler, and safety chains, ensuring compliance with towing regulations and ease of use.


  • Dimensions: 7 feet wide by 14 feet long
  • Axles: (2) 3,500lb axles with brakes on both
  • Flooring: Pressure-treated wood
  • Side Gate Dimensions: 42″ tall by 60″ wide
  • Wheels: 15″ steel wheels
  • Lights: LED drive lights
  • Tie-Down Points: Built-in
  • Ramp: Reinforced loading ramps
  • Additional Features: Spare tire mount, C-channel tongue
  • Included Accessories: Jack, coupler, safety chains

Experience the convenience and reliability of our 7×14 Utility Trailer with Side Gate and Double Brake. Built to handle your toughest hauling tasks, this trailer is a dependable companion for all your transportation needs.