8.5×22 I-Beam Deckover Trailer (2) 7K Axles Stand-Up Ramps

The 8.5×22 I-Beam Deckover Trailer with (2) 7K Axles and Stand-Up Ramps is a heavy-duty hauling solution designed for transporting various loads with ease and safety. With its robust construction and convenient features, this trailer provides reliable performance for both professional and personal use.

Original price was: $7,799.00.Current price is: $6,999.00.



  1. (2) 7,000lbs Axles with brakes: Equipped with two high-capacity axles, this trailer ensures smooth and stable towing even when carrying heavy loads. The brakes offer added control and safety during transportation.
  2. 8″ I-beam frame: The sturdy I-beam frame provides exceptional strength and durability, making the trailer capable of handling demanding loads while maintaining structural integrity.
  3. 16″ Wheels and tires: Fitted with 16-inch wheels and tires, this trailer delivers excellent traction and stability on various terrains, ensuring reliable performance during transportation.
  4. 5ft Standup loading ramps: Featuring 5-foot stand-up loading ramps, this trailer allows for easy and efficient loading and unloading of equipment, vehicles, or other cargo.
  5. Fully wired LED drive lights: The trailer is equipped with fully wired LED drive lights, ensuring optimal visibility and safety, especially during low-light conditions or night hauling.
  6. Spare tire holder: Includes a spare tire holder for added convenience, allowing you to carry a spare tire for emergencies without sacrificing valuable cargo space.
  7. Pressure-treated wood flooring: The trailer comes with pressure-treated wood flooring, offering excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear, even when subjected to heavy loads or harsh weather conditions.
  8. Breakaway box: Features a breakaway box for added safety, automatically activating the brakes in the event of a trailer detachment from the towing vehicle.
  9. Adjustable coupler and safety chains: The adjustable coupler and safety chains provide a secure connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle, ensuring safe towing and preventing accidents.
  10. Heavy-duty jack: Equipped with a heavy-duty jack for easy hitching and unhitching of the trailer, allowing for quick and convenient setup and storage.
  11. Stake pockets and D-rings: Includes stake pockets and D-rings for securing cargo or equipment during transportation, providing versatile tie-down options to accommodate various load sizes and shapes.


  • Trailer Dimensions: 8.5 feet (width) x 22 feet (length)
  • Axle Capacity: (2) 7,000lbs Axles
  • Frame Type: 8″ I-beam
  • Ramp Length: 5 feet
  • Lighting: LED drive lights
  • Flooring Material: Pressure-treated wood
  • Additional Features: Spare tire holder, breakaway box, adjustable coupler, safety chains, heavy-duty jack, stake pockets, D-rings

The 8.5×22 I-Beam Deckover Trailer with (2) 7K Axles and Stand-Up Ramps is an ideal choice for hauling heavy equipment, vehicles, or other cargo with confidence and efficiency. Its rugged construction, convenient features, and ample loading space make it a valuable asset for a variety of hauling needs.